Blind ambition

ODL is putting some of the faces to the names behind the brand at the FIT Show, all of whom will be present to help and advise customers on its latest product innovations.

Heading up the business is ODL Europe’s managing director, Mark Towers who is a hands-on director, keeping a firm eye on quality and ensuring that ODL keeps apace of the changing consumer tastes and trends in the market.

Finance manager Steve Ellison ensures the finances of the business and its trading divisions are all tightly managed. Steve is the first point of contact for any customer matters relating to invoicing, administration and distribution of orders.

On the sales side for internal blind systems, under the Blink Blinds brand, there are two recent additions to the team: Garry Wilson and John Evans.

Garry heads up sales in the north of England and Ireland, with John looking after blind sales in the southern regions.

Heading the sales and technical role for the Aperture Solutions division is Steve Kendal, joining the business from his previous role at Capstone.

“One of the most important objectives for the business, and one we see as essential, is having the right team on board,” Mark said. “This has been a part of our longer-term strategy as we have invested heavily to develop our product ranges and technical manufacturing capabilities.”