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One year on from the successful launch of WarmCore windows, the research and development team at Synseal Group is hard at work preparing for another WarmCore product launch for May’s FIT Show.

Synseal is being tight-lipped about the newest product range in the WarmCore family, but have already shared news with fabricators that a new reduced sightline window with 18% slimmer sash is now available.

Since the launch of the folding sliding door system in November 2014, Synseal has been amazed by the support and praise WarmCore has received from across the industry. Designed with a full-width, thermal orange core, the folding sliding doors offer 25% more thermal efficiency than conventional aluminium systems with U-values as low as just 1.4W/m2K double glazed, and 1.0W/m2K triple glazed – well below current building regulation requirements.

In April 2016, Synseal Group brought the second WarmCore product to the market with hardwearing aluminium windows that use the same thermal technology as the door system and offer typical U-values of just 1.3 W/m2K or as low as 0.8 W/m2K with triple glazing. The addition of the new WarmCore window with 13.5mm slimmer sightlines gives WarmCore fabricators a commercial advantage to meet the growing needs for slim aluminium windows with high performance thermal benefits.

The real appeal with WarmCore windows is in the flush sash option which uses a stepped outerframe with the sash sitting on the same plane as the rest of the window. This offers sleek, clean lines with a feature mullion where the two flush sashes meet, creating a precise bead line in between the two windows.

One of the latest fabricators set up for WarmCore is Unique Window Systems based in Leicester. The east Midlands fabricator has invested in the newest corner welding technology in preparation for fabricating WarmCore to ensure they can continually meet customer demands with consistently high quality.

Sunil Patel, joint managing director at Unique Windows Systems, said: “Unique has identified the WarmCore system as a key product for the company and sees a huge amount of potential for our trade customers and commercial projects. We’ve found that when there are thermal requirements for a project, WarmCore offers priceless adaptability and high performance that result in the end goal for any company: satisfied customers.

“Offering the aesthetics and thermal performance that many aluminium systems lack, WarmCore gives our customers a system that is reliable in its strength and striking in its appearance. In addition to this, Unique has recently invested significantly in an additional factory and state-of-the-art machinery, such as a Graf Synergy SL4-FF welder, in order to fabricate the WarmCore product to its full capabilities.

“We see WarmCore as a significant investment for Unique Window Systems and as a company we are excited to add such a high quality system to our product range.”

Andy Jones, group sales and marketing director at Synseal Group, said: “We are delighted to have a company of Unique’s stature on board with WarmCore. They are well-renowned for high quality, high performance products and WarmCore fits perfectly into their existing offering.

“Just a year on from launch of WarmCore windows we now have more than 30 fabricators offering the aluminium window system, on top of the many more fabricators buying in WarmCore products for their installer customers.

“Following the high praise and demand from our customers for more innovative WarmCore products, we’ve put more investment into our research and development team and we can’t wait to see the results of their hard work with the launch of another new product at the FIT Show in April.”


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