35-year anniversary

EJ Cocker is celebrating a 35-year partnership with supplier Hodgson Sealants.

Joining forces back in the mid-1980s, the two firms have almost 90 years of combined experience and expertise. Whether it’s for EJ Cocker’s range of residential and commercial IGUs, or Slenderline slimline heritage units, Hodgson supplies the Kent-based firm with a full range of silicones, sealing tapes and putty.

The team at Hodgson also provides technical support, helping EJ Cocker to shape and develop its glazing methods. The most recent example is supporting group company Slenderline Glass with its move to Hodgson’s Heritage Putty. Their shared expertise ensures that the right materials and the correct methods are being used whether sealed units are glazed in the factory or by joiners and builders on-site.

Andy Cocker, director at EJ Cocker, said: “Ever since we first began manufacturing our own sealed units, we’ve always used Hodgson Sealants. While the product has changed with advancing technology, 35 years on that shared commitment to delivering exceptional quality still remains.

“At such a pivotal time in glazing – especially in the heritage sector with the emphasis on best practice and glazing techniques – its technical support and expertise have been simply invaluable.”

Charles Hodgson, managing director of Hodgson Sealants, said: “Their commitment to a quality product and a quality service makes them a great partner for us, and we look forward to the next chapter of our successful partnership together.”