Upholding standards

The Consumer Protection Association (CPA) has presented the 25-Year Achievement Award to Precision Windows of Worthing.

The company has shown exceptional performance over the years, meeting and exceeding the CPA membership standards, the organisation said. It has received personalised achievement plaques for display to assist their sales work, as customers of the Consumer Protection Association are increasingly looking for this reassurance.

Jeremy Brett, CPA director, said: “Precision Windows are greatly valued as they up-hold the standards of the CPA day after day, providing the customer with the very best creative design, reliable service in install and the highest after-sales care that there is. We feel it is important to recognise their commitment and hard work, demonstrating the real quality in their field that CPA members all aspire to.

“CPA Members are the very best. We know this because we audit and vet them for the work that they are doing by surveying the end customer. To be a member for this length of time, the business must be getting the customer experience right. So well done to them – here’s to the next significant milestones in their business journey.”

Martin Haynes, managing director of Precision Windows Worthing, said: “I am thrilled with this lovely award. Membership of the CPA is a big deal for us. Our customers expect us to offer guarantees and the CPA gives us these and more. The real kudos of being an active member of the best IBG provider is a big sales winner with our customers as they require that confidence.”

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