The ins and outs of heritage aluminium doors

Ben Weber
Ben Weber

Heritage aluminium doors transform the external appearance of traditional builds while delivering quality and performance. And internal aluminium doors can do the same inside, says Quickslide’s managing director, Ben Weber.

Forget the aluminium doors of the past, because with the right design, today’s aluminium doors appear virtually identical to steel ones.

But with the added benefit of being lighter, easier to maintain, and far less likely than steel to develop rust.

For external steel doors that need replacing, look no further than Alitherm Heritage, which is available as single or double doors with slim sightlines and the options of heritage or Art Deco hardware.

Alitherm Heritage is perfect for heritage and refurbishment projects with a requirement to replace old steel doors externally. It retains all the looks of traditional steel while incorporating the highest standards of performance, including Smart’s innovative polyamide thermal break technology that creates a barrier between the warm air inside and cold air outside, reducing thermal transmittance significantly.

Bi-fold and sliding options

With the Visofold 1000 slim available from September, we’ll be offering the heritage look in a bi-fold.

It has slimmer sightlines and, as a plus for installers, Quick-Glaze beads that are simply tapped in on site. This removes the need for time-consuming wedge gaskets and significantly reduces installation time on site.

An alternative to bi-folds is sliding doors. The popularity of sliders seems to be on the rise again and is catching up with bi-folds. There are great reasons to choose either – or there’s Indi-fold, which lets you have the best of both.

Indi-fold is a fully versatile and revolutionary stack and slide door system. It is made up of individual panels that not only slide independently, but can also be opened outwards one by one.

We’ve recently completed all the quality and performance tests on Indi-fold so, as always with Quickslide, you can be sure we’ve got standards and compliance covered.

We are able to offer such an extensive range of aluminium doors thanks to a newly purchased CNC machine.

The new CNC machine is speeding up our production, with a precision that is ensuring we hit those high levels of repeatable quality. It has meant we’ve increased our capacity for aluminium products, so we’re now taking orders for a whole range of slim heritage doors, both external and also internal.

For interiors, we have Smart’s AluSpace internal screening system. It’s an interior door and screen system that can be configured to suit any space as it comes in a choice of hinged single and double doors and fixed glazed screens. It’s available in a classic black finish, and there’s the option to include horizontal and vertical bars too.

This style works so well inside, maximising light and space while retaining an open plan feel, giving homeowners the flexibility to close off areas for cooking, acoustic privacy, working from home, or to heat them more efficiently.

And they look amazing. For a heritage, Art Deco, Scandi or industrial look, whatever your style, heritage aluminium doors add the wow factor, inside as well as out.

Which is why at Quickslide we’ve invested in the technology to extend our range so our trade partners can offer their customers what they want when it comes to heritage aluminium doors, safe in the knowledge they are all from the same single reliable and compliant supplier.

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