Stuga Machinery – life after the acquisition

Ed Williams
Ed Williams

It’s been one and a half years since German giant, Stürtz Maschinenbau – leading supplier of machinery for the fenestration industry in the EU & the USA – acquired Stuga Machinery, the Great Yarmouth based manufacturer of CNC sawing and machining. We catch up with Stuga’s managing director, Ed Williams, to see what’s been happening behind the scenes and what’s new.

“The acquisition has been a successful venture. Stürtz has been able to re-expand its market reach into a key region and with Stuga’s expertise in the supply of machining centres for PVC-U windows and doors, this has complemented Stürtz’s existing portfolio of machinery,” says Ed.

“From the very start, sharing knowledge between the two management structures has been a top priority, not just for technical advancements, but also with business development initiatives.”

With Stuga taking the role of UK and ROI representative of Stürtz’ extensive product portfolio, several key members of staff, including management, service engineers and the sales team, have spent time at the German headquarters in Neustadt.

They have completed training on the Stürtz product line to ensure customers continue to receive the high quality service that Stuga is renowned for in the UK.

Earlier this year, Stuga released the redesigned Autoflow-2 MK4, which incorporates the best elements from both companies, with the machines continuing to be designed and assembled in the UK.

“We have combined the modular design of bar handling on the outfeed and infeed from Stürtz with the award-winning design of the machining ring from Stuga. Running on Windows 10 software and utilising the latest control systems manufactured by Beckhoff, the new design promises robust and reliable machinery with longevity,” explains Ed.

“One of the key features of this design is modularity. By dividing the machine into smaller, interchangeable components, it becomes easier to replace and repair specific parts rather than having to replace the entire machine. This not only reduces costs but also allows for upgrades and modifications to be made as technology advances.”

Leveraging and sharing organisational and technological strengths has had a really positive impact on both companies. Stuga has had considerably higher growth for 2023 than the previous year. The overall revenue of the business was budgeted to deliver around 18% in growth, although it has massively exceeded targets and is expecting to post a result that will show a growth of over 40% in 2023.

Stuga has also made steps to invest in further roles that are focussed on the development of customer-centric processes. Several new roles and heads have been added, including additional sales managers, a new head of service and a project manager.

“These roles are essential to ensure we continue to improve our performance – both top line and in terms of improving customer satisfaction,” continues Ed.

“We absolutely insisted on the DNA of Stuga remaining the same – great service, openness and transparency – whilst pursuing growth, and to do this, we need strong managers to inspire our most important asset and shape our future.”

With a strong and diversly skilled team now in place, Stuga has shifted its focus to business development initiatives. The management team has worked closely with all members of staff over the past six months to develop their individual roles, collective responsibilities and the processes and procedures they work to.

“The Stuga and Stürtz relationship is seen as something of a sleeping giant by the industry and I am thrilled to say that we’re dealing with the growth incredibly well,” Ed adds.

After much strategic planning, dedication and hard work, the successful integration has put both companies in a strong position.

“Recently, we reached a significant milestone by selling the first Stürtz machine into the English market since the acquisition,” continues Ed. “The sale marked a turning point for the company and a validation of all the hard work that has been put in.”

The Stürtz VSM-P vertical welder was sold to Ramage Windows, of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, in early July. Managing director, Andrew Ramage, says: “We initially chose to purchase a Stürtz machine as they, and Stuga, offer an amazing service. From the sales team to after sales, the process was seamless. The machine arrived fully set up and ready to test and we haven’t looked back since – the quality of the welds are amazing.”

Ed continues: “The sale of this machine was not just a sale, most importantly it was a sign of progress and growth. Its shows our team’s efforts have paid off, and that we have successfully shifted the direction of the company.

“We were able to demonstrate to our customer that we were the right choice for all their fabrication needs, and that we could deliver a quality product and service on a welding machine – to match the outstanding customer service which Stuga has long provided on sawing and machining solutions.

“This milestone has given us the confidence to continue moving forward, and with a very healthy pipeline and backlog of more sales, we are excited to see what the future holds.”

It’s clear to see Stuga’s passion for innovation continues to grow and the company is committed to providing its customers with the best possible experience.

Overall, the acquisition has been a win-win situation for both companies and has positioned them for continued success in a highly competitive market.