Traditional marketing in a digital world

Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott

With more than 30 years’ experience in marketing for the glazing sector, Andrew Scott, MD of leading full-service marketing agency Purplex, explores the best marketing approach companies should take to cut through the noise in an increasingly digital world.

Rewind the clock to more than 15 years ago and the first Apple smartphone was released and not long after, the way people interacted and connected with one another completely changed – as did how they searched for and found information.

From this point onwards technology continued to rapidly evolve, so much so that the renowned iPhone is now in its 14th generation and getting instant access to unlimited knowledge has become second nature to so many.

To keep up with this incredible digital shift, which saw smartphones and social media dominate the online world, brand new marketing techniques were created and designed to help companies maintain visibility but in a virtual sense.

Social media advertising, search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising (PPC) became leaders of the pack. Websites transformed into an online shop window and ultimately, the number one place customers would go to research whether a company was the right fit.

With access to intelligence and data like never before, the digital marketing world was born, creating a completely new landscape for businesses to establish themselves firmly within.

The introduction of digital marketing meant that marketers quickly adapted to these techniques to show brands how they could be utilised to generate leads and support with business growth – no matter their size or the service and products they provided.

For many years, fenestration companies have been working closely with our experts at Purplex to develop digital marketing strategies that incorporate a range of specialist techniques in order to increase online visibility and create a steady stream of new business leads.

Traditional marketing

Although the marketing world has evolved massively and is now filled with complex digital tactics, the more traditional techniques shouldn’t be brushed under the carpet. Instead, they should be up front and centre and here’s why.

Traditional marketing methods include public relations (PR), press advertising and direct mail and each one is great for raising brand awareness, showcasing services and products as well as helping to improve a company’s reputation.

What’s more, traditional techniques like these are fantastic for cutting through the noise in a predominantly digital world, helping to spread consistent messaging and reaching a wider audience.

Take direct mail for example. Gone are the days when letterboxes are flooded with leaflets and brochures from company’s showcasing what they do. Instead, hundreds of emails and online adverts are sent in their place so, why not revert back to creating personalised direct mail? It will not only grab the reader’s attention, but it will also help to increase the credibility and reputation of a brand.

Even though digital marketing and traditional marketing are often portrayed to be competitors, with the right strategy in place they can perfectly complement one another. It’s a misconception to see them as separate efforts because they work in tandem.

In fact, at Purplex, we always recommend our customers to invest in a multi-channel approach which is a marketing strategy that incorporates web design, SEO, PPC, PR, social media and advertising.

By combining the fantastic results achieved through the digital tactics with the traditional marketing outcomes, visibility will be dramatically increased meaning that a company will be found no matter if someone is looking through a magazine or searching on Google.

Ultimately, having a clear plan and robust marketing strategy in place which aligns both digital and traditional marketing techniques is one of the best ways for a company to see fantastic results.

At Purplex we’ve supported hundreds of companies, across the trade, retail and commercial sectors, with their marketing activity by utilising our industry knowledge and technical marketing experience.

From offering expertise in digital marketing, PR, social media, video, web design and graphic design, our 80-strong team of specialists focus on implementing strategies that will achieve the best results for any business, including boosting leads and increasing brand awareness to drive real growth.