New outdoor decking option

By Liniar.

In March 2021, Liniar launched a new style of deckboard to its customer base of specialist decking installers nationwide. With initial feedback 100% positive, the new decking, SwitchBoard, looks set to revolutionise the outdoor products market. And for customer GG Leisure Services, it’s just what the company needed to freshen up its product portfolio.

With more than two decades’ experience in the decking installation business, GG Leisure, based in Grimsby, knows exactly what holiday home and caravan owners are looking for when it comes to designing the perfect outdoor space for a UK getaway.

GG Leisure’s general manager Paul Smith explains why the company was keen to be one of the first to install the new SwitchBoard system from Liniar.

“We’ve been installing Liniar decking for years, and its 225mm system was always popular with caravan owners,” he said. “Once we saw SwitchBoard prior to its official launch, we knew that it would be a huge hit with owners, especially the anthracite grey shade. I believe this will be the most popular colour: it’s modern, clean and exactly what customers are looking for right now.”

Designed to be used with virtually any decking project, SwitchBoard is a dual-sided composite PVCU deckboard, featuring one grooved side and one woodgrain side. It comes with a colour warranty, full testing for slip and wear resistance, and a certified Class 1Y Fire Rating.

Installed with a unique ‘QuickClip’ system, the boards are 145mm wide with 2.5mm spacing on each side, 150mm overall.

“The first property where we installed SwitchBoard was the Lakeside Park Security Office, a flagship Don Amott park near Louth, Lincolnshire,” Paul said. “This park had previously benefited from Liniar’s innovative product range back in 2008, when its piling and retention system was used to line the edge of the lake to prevent erosion.

“The park’s security office is right on the showgrounds and it’s the perfect place for new customers to see SwitchBoard in situ.

“While the board offers two finishes – a grooved side and a woodgrain side – we’re initially only offering the woodgrain embossed side. It mimics natural timber, and it is what holiday homeowners are accustomed to seeing on the 225mm deckboard. That said, I expect newcomers to the holiday home market may see the grooved side and want something different to everyone else on the park.”

The project was due to begin at the end of February but, due to heavy snow in the East Midlands, it was delayed by a couple of weeks.

“Once the weather cleared, and there wasn’t so much snow on the ground, we pulled all of our installers in to learn how to work with the new SwitchBoard system,” Paul said. “The new boards are modern and fresh, and the QuickClip technology makes installation easy because the system is self-spacing. Best of all, we’re able to offer a warranty that covers both performance and colour with SwitchBoard, something that’s highly unusual in this country.

“The finished project is stunning. I’m delighted to say that SwitchBoard is an excellent addition to what I believe is the best looking PVCU decking system on the market.

“From the delivery driver who drops off our products to Mark Sims, the Liniar sales director for the Outdoor Range, nothing is ever a problem with Liniar. Everyone there really is a pleasure to work with.”