Elevating your brand via email

In this digital era, it’s worth getting the basics right in your email marketing campaign to achieve the best results, says Claire Miller, group marketing manager at Customade Group.

Marketing has come a long way and this is evident in the number of channels we now use. While I’m a firm believer that printed collateral and industry magazines like Glass Times will continue to be important channels of communication, this industry cannot ignore the power of digital media.

According to a report by Ofcom, 90% of adults now go online, spending more than 20 hours a week looking at online material. The report also found that online use isn’t restricted to the home or office; an increasing volume of the population accesses content while on the move. And more than two thirds of adults now use a mobile phone to go online compared to 30% in 2010.

With so many people demanding fast, clear, current and relevant media, how can you ensure that you get the right message to the right person with your digital marketing?

If you don’t understand your customers, you’re essentially marketing blind. Data is a major part of driving messages that are relevant to your customers and you need to understand your customer base to get close to them. This starts with being able to segment your customers through your database or customer relationship management (CRM) system.

When you know who you’re targeting and why, you can then start to tailor your email marketing specifically to them to make it relevant. More on that later.

A good email marketing campaign needs to harness the power metrics and tactics.

A good place to start is with the open rates of your emails. For an email to be counted as ‘opened’, the reader needs to enable the images or click a link in the email. The average open rates of emails last year was 24%, but this is just a benchmark. If your open rates are less than that but you’re achieving results, you’re doing well.  

Users access digital material in a number of ways and, with more than 50% of emails now being opened and read on mobile devices, it’s worth optimising any campaign for mobiles.

For a greater chance of success, think about when you send your email. Around a quarter of all emails are opened within the first hour after delivery so think about when you’ll send yours. During the working day and after lunch are the best times to catch readers’ attention.

The sender name and subject line determines whether your email is opened and read or binned so always use a recognisable sender name. Don’t be superfluous with your subject line either – it should never be more than 10 words. And it always helps to personalise subject lines with the reader’s name.

A commonly overlooked factor in B2B marketing might be obvious – we are all people and we are all ultimately consumers – so try to convey the human side of your company or brand.

To build a brand, it’s fundamental to think about the end user – the person receiving the customer experience – and engaging with them in a way that makes them trust you and feel valued. Think about what captures your interest, which brands you connect with, and why you like the companies behind them. Which campaigns have been creative and arresting for you? Which ones have been highly targeted to you as an individual?

By segmenting your audience, targeting your campaign and personalising your message, you can significantly increase the chances of someone opening your email and embarking on their buyer journey with you.