Dip into August

Glass Times editor Nathan Bushell turns the pages of the industry’s favourite trade magazine.

This week, we are dedicating our weekly newsletter to some of the feature articles that will be published in the August issue of Glass Times – and which should have already landed on your desks.

This is only a small selection of what can be found in the magazine, but I hope it gives you a taste of the breadth and depth of comment and debate that it is contained with the pages of Glass Times.

As you would expect, the coronavirus features heavily in the articles, but certainly not exclusively. Interestingly, commentators use the pandemic to explain how opportunities are available despite the barrage of negative news that we hear on our national bulletins.

For example, Euroglaze’s Martin Nettleton explains how efficiency was a priority coming out of lockdown.

“As I see it, the only way to stay both competitive and profitable is to focus relentlessly on your own efficiency,” he said. “Only then can you really add value to your customers’ businesses and demonstrate that they don’t have to choose either service or price. Pick the right supplier and it is perfectly possible to have both.”

Victorian Sliders’ Andy Jones takes a look at investment instead.

“Investing in a crisis feels counterintuitive; consumers spend less, which means installers spend less, which in turn means that the income of fabricators, component suppliers, systems companies and others all decrease,” he said.

“But time and time again, we see that those companies who invest, carefully and sensibly, during recession, are the ones that tend to come out of it the strongest.”

Glass Times also has many regular columns, including those from Liniar, a2n, and Balls2 Marketing.

And, of course, there is room for companies to expand on their offering, which gives customers the chance to explore products and services in more detail. In this newsletter, we’ve included examples from Supalite, Deceuninck Aluminium, and Bohle, among many others.

This is just a small reason why we have ABC audit that proves that 10,545 individuals request Glass Times each month.