Grow LinkedIn in 10

Andy Ball, MD at Balls2 Marketing says spend just 10 minutes on LinkedIn, three times a week, and you’ll get results.

I’ve been walking to and from the office, and a few days ago I was listening to Gordon Ramsey on the Joe Wicks podcast on BBC Sounds.

Gordon said he had a new book coming out soon called Ramsey in 10, with recipes that can be made in just 10 minutes, tapping into his competitive nature and seeing the success of Jamie Oliver’s 15-minute meals and Joe Wicks himself with Lean in 15.

It got me thinking about marketing. Are there bite-sized things that just take 10 minutes, and what can you achieve by regularly adding 10 minutes into your routine?

This is exactly the challenge we set to one customer on LinkedIn, and he really flew with it. Like many SME companies, they have few followers compared to their individual links. The new system of being able to invite colleagues, customers, suppliers and industry supporters to follow your page has made it much easier to build up numbers. If you’re an admin on the business account, you can do this.

Effectively, you have 100 credits a month to use. Invite a connection and it uses a credit, if they accept your invitation you get the credit back. It’s your choice who you invite and by choosing the right connections to follow your company page, the more likely you are to get the credits back. At the end of the month, it resets to 100 credits.

The success speaks for itself. At the beginning of the challenge this company page had just 44 followers, today it has 368, and it continues to grow. Company engagement through social media, and especially through LinkedIn, is very effective. You’ll be surprised how many times we hear “I saw it on LinkedIn”.

We believe that LinkedIn will add more focus on company pages, and that’s why it’s created a simple way to get more company followers. It doesn’t have to be difficult to build; spend just 10 minutes, three times a week, and you’ll definitely see results.