Close to the customer in the digital age

Germany based Semco of the future will meet customer needs faster and with a human touch, according to A+W Software.

Alongside globalisation and urbanisation, digital transformation is one of the determining success factors for businesses of the future; it shapes both the economy and the global society.
For medium-sized companies, adapting to this change is a real cultural change. In many cases it means old ways of thinking and doing business have to be thrown overboard.

Semco is tackling digital transformation with a series of projects, ensuring that the group’s core values remain intact. Teams from different areas deliver solutions, which are practical, relevant to the customer and future-proof.

The partner for the Semco Group is the software house A+W. By 2023, all 18 Semco locations will be equipped with A+W’s industry solutions. In the future, this will result in a significantly higher degree of automation, even more process stability, and increased efficiency through an intelligent networking of the assets of the whole Semco Group.

First, joint workshops for the implementation of the software successfully took place. It has been shown that digitisation creates added value for the customer. Leaner and more agile internal interfaces optimise processes such as internal orders, distribution of orders between different Semco sites or logistics planning. Using A+W’s suite of digital tools everything will then be designed in such a way that the capacities within the entire Semco Group are used. This means customers will benefit from the combined strength of the Semco competence network.

When it comes to direct customer communication, many things will change for the better: orders can be entered 24/7; individual or complex products can be ordered online via a simple and intuitive interface; customers can call up the status of their orders at any time in real time; and optimised and automated processes save time and money in error detection, sorting, and shipping preparation.

Digitalisation and automation will serve one singular purpose above all: everything Semco changes needs to make the customer experience even more personal and individual.