Triple gain

One Hertfordshire installation led to referral and another two contracts for one Framexpress customer who recently renovated three properties.

The use of Optima from Epwin in a black, wood foil finish left such an impression on the first house that the owners of neighbouring properties decided to upgrade their own homes in the same style. One particularly striking replacement which stood out was a large arched window that was a main feature on the first house.

Framexpress was contracted to supply all windows as well residential and composite doors on all of the renovation projects by a new customer.

In what appears to be a growing trend in the domestic sector, consumers are increasingly using colour to be distinctive and personalise their homes, according to the fabricator.

“It was time to renovate as the existing white windows we had inherited were starting to look very shabby indeed,” the homeowners said. “Energy efficiency was really important to us but we also wanted to make the project stand out.  

“The black windows look great and give such a realistic appearance to real wood.  They make such a difference and the whole house is so much warmer. That is something we can pass on when we come to sell our home in the future.”