Trio of rooflights sheds light

When it came to the construction of a new, single story extension on the back of a property in Sutton, Surrey, one of the most important factors for the homeowners was how best to illuminate their substantial and stylish new living space with enough natural light.

The owners were eventually won over by the new aluminium framed rooflights from TuffX – specifying a total of three units featuring blue, solar control glazing.

TuffX’s contemporary aluminium rooflight, which was developed at the glass specialist’s Merseyside HQ, is available in anthracite grey as standard and has been designed to be fitter friendly; it can be supplied directly to installers as a complete assembled unit, and then dropped into place and secured once on site.

Available in either 6mm double glazed, or 6mm triple glazed with thermal toughened safety glass – and with U-values as low as 0.7W/m2 – the external panes of each unit also receive an opaque border. This ensures that any joins and sealant are concealed before the panes are assembled into an aluminium frame, creating a premium product that’s ready for installation, out of the box.

In the case of the Sutton project, all three units were ordered and delivered within the space of two weeks.

“The TuffX rooflights were incredibly easy to fit, and we were also highly impressed with the design and quality of the materials,” the installer said. “Everyone who has seen them has been extremely impressed.”

Graham Price, managing director of TuffX, said: “Installers love our aluminium framed rooflights because they represent an attractive, easy to install and high value product that is in demand from consumers. In addition, the fact that we are able to produce our rooflights in bespoke sizes at no additional cost thanks to the control we have over our glass production, makes them an even more desirable addition to our customers’ portfolios.”