Eco range delivers 20% growth

Leka Systems has reported a 20% growth in new customers over the last 12 months, largely driven by sales of its Eco range, an extension of its Leka roofing system.

Rhys Hoddinott, managing director of Leka Systems, said: “We’re delighted with these figures. They show the demand for high quality solid tiled roofs at an attractive pricing point. Our Eco range more than delivers on this demand.

“The options of Leka Eco, Leka Eco+ and Leka Eco++ give fabricators a comprehensive product range, offering U-values from 0.18W/m²K to 0.12W/m²K. This allows a Leka product solution for all budgets to maximise market coverage.

“We’re delighted to see this growth but we aren’t surprised as Leka’s products offer a competitive advantage to help grow businesses. We have seen fabricators coming on board increase their revenue streams by 10%-15% in the first year.”