Smoke control’s perfect balance

For a conference centre based in north eastern France, a smoke control system was required that would ensure the safe evacuation of visitors in the event of a fire without compromising the visual attributes of the building.

Pyroguard was approached by the architect to offer a suitable solution.

Located in the city of Nancy, the Centre Prouvé offers a flexible conference space complete with a 3,000m2 exhibition hall, two auditoriums, 13 meeting rooms and a panoramic reception area. A former postal sorting facility, the venue was designed by architect Marc Barani of Atelier Barani, and due to its prominent location in the heart of Nancy, it was constructed to offer panoramic views across the city.

With glass playing an integral role in the building design, the architect required a smoke control solution that would not distort the aesthetics of the development while adhering to safety regulations.

Due to the high footfall of visitors, the solution would require no upkeep and maintenance. In line with these requirements, Pyroguard recommended Smokeguard, a permanent glazing solution that acts as a smoke barrier, keeping low-level toxic fumes at bay for up to half an hour to give visitors maximum time to exit the building safely.

Thanks to its perfect transparency, Smokeguard met the aesthetic requirements of the architect too – with the 8mm-thick tempered monolithic glass offering 87% light transmission.

In comparison to smoke curtains, Smokeguard requires zero maintenance and has no maximum lifespan, which is particularly important in high footfall areas where ongoing repair and replacement may be impractical and costs need to be kept to a minimum.

More than 100m2 of Smokegaurd was installed in the atrium using its patented fastening system to mount to the ceiling.

Neil Tilsley of Pyroguard said: “Smokeguard is particularly beneficial in large buildings which have a high daily footfall. As it is maintenance-free, it’s essentially a fit-and-forget system which can keep smoke at bay long enough to allow people to exit.: