Hardware partner

Tradesmith has upgraded its door hardware range to include the Ingenious Duplex 5 hook lock from Winlock.

Tradesmith MD Mark Hutchinson said: “After almost 20 years on the same lock this was a difficult decision to make but we concluded that the advantages in fabrication and to the consumer were too good to miss.

“In particular, we love the fact that the standard striker achieves PAS024 without add-ons so the only production change we need to our standard door for SBD compliance is to change the cylinder. We also like that the profile related packers come ready fitted.

“Most important of all is that the consumer will receive an impressive and unique locking system which is fully accredited to SBD (of which we are a long standing member) to give them the confidence that they are safe and secure in their property. We don’t change products lightly, and we only change to improve our offering rather than to save cost.”