Roseview’s Heritage Rose window has received an endorsement from interior designer Claire Totman.

Claire, who worked in interior design for a decade before starting her own practice in 2016, used the product on a high-end renovation project in Cobham, Surrey.

Milwater is a period residential property dating back to the mid-18th century, which today sits in Cobham’s conservation area. Charged with extensively refurbishing the building to restore its former glory, Claire initially saw timber as the only viable option for replacing its existing windows.

“The thought of PVCU is usually enough to make a designer shudder,” Claire said. “We’ve become so used to seeing poor-quality white plastic windows with chunky frames and stuck on horns over the years that we don’t normally give the material a second thought.

“In this instance, I was preparing to order timber windows right up to the last minute – but then I found Roseview, and I was absolutely blown away.

“Its high-end PVCU sliding sash windows are specifically designed to closely replicate the original features of a traditional timber sash window. With ornate run-through horns, welded corner details, Rehau profile and bevelled profile details, they are extremely high quality and the best PVCU sash windows on the market. You would absolutely mistake them for timber.

“For me, they’ve been a fantastic find. When I’m embarking on a new project, my first thought it always ‘how am I going to create kerb appeal?’
“Nine times out of ten, this ends up involving fitting sash windows – and with Roseview’s Rose Collection, you get a heritage style without any of the costly, time-consuming maintenance of timber.”

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