New living space

SEH BAC recently installed an Ultraframe conservatory for a couple who wanted to extend their kitchen.

Mr and Mrs Forrester wanted to extend out from their kitchen and dining room to create a large lounge in which they could relax and entertain. Central to their vision was a space that allowed light to flood in and not make the adjoining rooms too dark.

It had to fit in with the look and style of the existing property from the outside, and provide a comfortable room that was light, bright and suitable for year-round living on the inside.

The couple originally wanted an orangery but found the cost too prohibitive.

SEH BAC designed a hybrid orangery featuring the Ultraframe Classic Roof. With the combination of glazing and solid areas, the space is warm and comfortable all year round and provides the perfect blend of modern and traditional styling.

The addition of an Ultraframe Cornice to the exterior hides the guttering on the roof and adds an ornate look to the structure. At the rear of the room, where a bar area was to be housed, the clients felt that some level of cover or shade would be ideal, and so an internal pelmet was added to the design at 900mm wide on three elevations, plus an extra-deep 1,200mm pelmet for the bar area of the room.

The pelmet not only gives a more substantial room-like look to the interior, but also enhances the warmth of the room and provides the ideal place to house lighting or speakers.

Conservaglass glazing was used in combination with roof vents for extra ventilation on very warm days.

“We weren’t just looking for extra space, we were looking for a different space, and it has absolutely met all our expectations,” Mr Forrester said. “We also wanted a space that would look and feel like a true extension and a natural part of the home, and it was definitely worth it.”