In-house control of packaging

Glasstops UK recently turned to Kolbus Autobox to provide protective packaging for its flat glass products, including table-top protectors, mirrors, and coloured worktops, all of which are delivered nationwide.

Until recently, orders were packaged in wooden crates which, while was safe, was a costly and time-consuming way to manage outgoing deliveries, the company said.

Glasstops managing director, Daniel Dunwoody-Kneafsey, discovered Kolbus Autobox online after seeing an impressive YouTube video,

For the demonstration, Kolbus Autobox produced a number of bespoke boxes that represented Glasstops’ actual product sizes. Taking them back to Norwich, a glass table top was then shipped from Norwich to South Wales, and then back again. The products arrived back in Norwich having sustained no damage at all.

“A one point we decided to literally throw the package around on our concrete floor to test its durability,” Daniel said. “The product was absolutely fine.”

Suitably impressed Glasstops UK ordered a Kolbus Autobox Boxer BX200 and Table Feeder TF200. Installation was completed on day one with the first boxes being made by day two.

“Moving from timber to corrugated transformed our business,” Daniel said. “Even though our volumes aren’t huge the turnaround time and cost saved, compared to timber, offered us a rapid ROI.”

Arran Sethi, Kolbus UK sales manager, said: “Some of Glasstops’ products are 3,500mm long by 1,500mm wide and 50mm tall – very awkward sizes. Very often they would need just one bespoke box at a time. Our Kolbus Autobox Boxer machine can set jobs remotely. It does not need an operator at the machine. The table feeder will auto-feed the sheets and out pops the box ready to be used. It is so simple and efficient.”