Marketing campaign yields results

Tradesmith has seen a dramatic increase in Warmcore sales after a continued partnership with Insight Data.

Tradesmith partnered with Insight a year ago to create and implement an integrated direct marketing and lead generation campaign that combined direct mail, email marketing and telesales.

Mark Hutchinson, managing director of Tradesmith, said: “Since partnering with Insight the results we have received have been phenomenal. The most recent campaign featuring our Warmcore products was so successful, the increase in demand meant we needed to employ five additional staff.”

The Synseal fabricator appointed Insight Data in 2015 to help the company generate more leads and increase sales.

“The campaigns have been excellent, with crisp design and great looks, resulting in excellent response rates,” Mark said. “We have taken on many new customers since the partnership began and we look forward to working closely with Insight Data for the foreseeable future.”

Jade Greenhow, general manager at Insight Data, said: “Direct marketing is the most effective lead generator available, it gets results.”