Machining centre bought following exhaustive research

After exhaustive research, as part of a long-term plan whether or not to purchase a CNC machine, Cantifix bought an AMC602 3+1 Axis CNC machining centre from Kombimatec.

“While price always has some part to play in the decision of whether or not to go ahead with a purchase we were seriously impressed with the overall build quality and, in particular, the fact that the bed rotated on the axis of the Kombimatec machine rather than the tool head,” said William Sharman, Cantifix’s director.

“It allows greater flexibility for what we need to do and it saves time when dealing with the complex processes we often need to perform.”

William continued: “Everything we do is non-standard and often better suited to detailed manual attention during manufacture. However, Kombimatec’s CNC machining centre certainly allows us to undertake some of our more repetitive tasks while maintaining the desired high standards that our clients expect.”

Kombimatec’s AMC602 machining centre has been designed to process extruded aluminium and uses advanced CNC control combined with CAD software to position the electro spindle and selected tool to work on the selected profile.

It includes four controlled axes, four adjustable pneumatic clamps and comes with an industrial control unit for accurate positional control and a PC interface with CADCAM software. It also has an automatic tool changer to accommodate up to seven different tools. As a result, the machine can drill, rout, tap and mill without operator interference.