Machines for short lead times

The Window Outlet has invested in two mitre saws and controllers from Elumatec.

The DG104 double mitre saw can cut both high and wide profiles using two saw heads that can be tilted and pivoted to both 45º and 90º angles. With its universal design, the double mitre saw can be used for both series production and for special applications.  

Manufactured in Germany, the DG104 allows for external-dimension cuts to avoid complicated length calculations, and has the facility for cutting compound angles. With cutting length variants up to 6,000mm, the two machines will allow The Window Outlet to increase its productivity and streamline its manufacturing process.

Company MD Ben Warren said: “Our whole business has been built around offering something different – the kind of short lead times and quick quote turnarounds that are usually only associated with PVCU fabricators. Achieving and maintaining the ability to do that requires constant investment, and a rigorous effort to always keep ahead of the curve. That’s exactly what these latest acquisitions will let us do.

“In our view, Elumatec products are among the best, most reliable machines you’ll find anywhere in the world. Our experience working with them has been overwhelmingly positive – and we look forward to buying from them again in the future.”

The Bristol firm also purchased two E580 controllers to use with its new pair of mitre saws. The E580 allows fabricators to load profile measurements into the machine via a USB memory stick for ease of use, precise cutting and a quality finish every time. A recognisable operating system and touch screen interface makes the E580 user friendly.