In harmony

The Elbe Philharmonic Hall has been described as “architecture of the century” and “the new emblem of Hamburg”. One of the features creating the unique aesthetics of the new concert hall is the individual ‘droplet coating’ of each of the panes in the glass facade, many of which are curved, with the chrome-based multilayer system ‘ipachrome design’ from AGC Interpane.

The effect is like millions of tiny mirrors, which make the building shimmer differently with every change in mood of the ambient light. 

With a light reflection factor of over 50%, and transmission of only 4%, the coating is as highly reflective as a conventional silver mirror but is significantly more durable and is therefore suitable for use in facades, where it needs to cope with every kind of weather for many years.

A total of 22,000m2 of curved and flat facade glass were coated with ipachrome design by Interpane in Plattling, and some of this was further processed into insulation glass. The glazing thus constitutes an optically attractive design component with high awareness-creation value – but without any limitations on the functionality.

The special coating can be tempered and processed into laminated safety glass, can be combined with iplus heat-insulation and ipasol solar-control coatings, and can be used in the construction of insulation glass.