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Synseal Group has launched a new slimmer vent WarmCore window, which will be on display at the FIT Show.

The SV window, with an 18% slimmer sash, uses WarmCore technology, which offers U-values as low as 1.3W/m2K double glazed and 0.8W/m2K triple glazed, complemented by the folding sliding door system with U-values as low as 1.0W/m2K.

The research and development team behind WarmCore expects the new SV window to produce even better window energy ratings when put to the test, due to the increase of glass proportional to the whole window size.  

Andy Jones, group director of sales and marketing, said: “The new SV window is the latest development from WarmCore, which responds to the demand from our customers to fill a gap in the aluminium market.

“Many competitor products have produced slimline sashes but have done so at the expense of thermal efficiency. With WarmCore, our ambition has always been to offer an architectural aluminium product that is more hardwearing and aesthetically pleasing than PVCU yet can compete in that market thermally – something which most aluminium products aren’t designed to do.

“WarmCore’s success comes down to its unique thermal core, which significantly outperforms the polyamide thermal breaks that the market majority is still using in aluminium profiles. With the new SV window, our customers can now reap the benefits of a sash that has been designed to be as slim as possible without negating the thermal benefits that WarmCore offers. We believe this is the best balance between minimal sightlines and maximum energy efficiency.”

The new SV window is now available for casement styles, including the flush sash option, at the same price as the standard sash.

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