Herding cats

Everglade of Wythenshawe has completed a ‘pet project’ of building and fitting almost 30 PVCU profile cat pens at the Society for Abandoned Animals (SAA).

The Veka fabricator was asked to work on the project after the charity in Sale received a series of ‘legacy donations’ from supporters who have named SAA in their wills, combined with two significant grants from larger charities.

Everglade – which became a member of Independent Network this year – chose Matrix FS to build the completely bespoke set of animal pens, which cats can live in at the sanctuary until they are re-homed.

Deni Sirovica, co-owner at Everglade said: “We’re used to making home improvements in the area with our doors, windows and conservatories but this is the first time we’ve built and fit shelters for animals.

“It may seem like a strange choice to create animal pens in PVCU but in fact it is a fantastic material for this type of structure. During fabrication, the Veka profile we chose for the project is so good to work with as it can be customised to create the skeleton structure we need and fit flush into the space provided to promote a safe and sound environment for the cats that are going to live there.

“From a maintenance point of view, these frames couldn’t be easier to clean and will never need to be repainted like traditional timber, which will mean volunteers can spend their time more wisely, looking after the cats in their care and trying to find them new homes.”