Heavy duty duo carry out crystal clear lift

GGR Group had a chance to show off some accurate glass lifting skills recently, as a Libro 5000 and Hydraulica 4000 Vacuum Lifter took centre stage at a luxury private property.

As part of the reglaze of the building, GGR was called in to help install a huge glass panel, weighing in at 2,800kg.

For this project, a Libro 5000 overhang beam was selected, as the glass panel needed to be installed beneath an overhang, which meant that the area wasn’t accessible using a crane and lifter alone. The counter balanced Libro 5000 over hang beam allows you to take advantage of the lifting arm, which can overcome balconies, canopies and over hangs of up to 3m deep.

The Libro 5000 was lifted by the onsite mobile crane to safely and seamlessly move the glass unit into position for the installation. Working together the Libro 5000 and Hydraulica 4000 glass vacuum lifter were able to manoeuvre the huge piece of glass into place. The Hydraulica 4000 glass vacuum lifter has a capacity of 4,000kg, it’s battery powered rotation and hydraulic tilt made it useful for this tricky project.

Working under the buildings overhang, the glass was able to be pushed close to the building for a seamless installation thanks the Libro 5000 remote controlled counterweight saddle. With a safety feature preventing the main beam going beyond a +/- 10o incline, the Libro 5000 is fitted with a rechargeable battery, which powers the adjustable 30 counterweight rack and pinion saddle. The counterweight saddle is cable remote controlled and can be moved along the beam to balance the load.

At the end of its lifting arm, the Libro 5000 features a hook, and it can be used with below-the-hook vacuum lifting equipment, which are also available for hire or sale from the GGR Group.

With a capacity of 5,000kg, this Libro 5000 could safely handle the combined 1,400kg weight of the Hydraulica Glass Vacuum Lifter and glass loads to complete the job quickly and safely.