Going Dutch

Romag’s Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) panels have been installed as part of the construction of the renovated head office of Alliander in Arnhem, which was opened early this year in the Netherlands.

This new concept in building integrated photovoltaics combines renewable energy generation with a glass laminate design to enable the PV cell to blend sympathetically into the fabric of the new glazing system.

The bespoke PV system was integrated into the glass atrium that runs centrally through the main building allowing valuable natural light to the centre of the building through thermally efficient low-emissivity glass.

Working with partners in the Benelux, Hermans Techniglaz, more than 633 panels were manufactured for the project at a total coverage of 1,500m2, generating 160,000 kWh of electricity each year. The solar panels were installed in the building first, allowing for the almost CO2 neutral building to be able to generate electricity from the beginning. This is also one the Netherlands’ first BREEAM-certified renovation projects.

Rik van Ogtrop, sales director at Hermans Techniglaz, said: “The Alliander Head Office is an iconic building that is an example of modern technology. By using Romag’s innovative BIPV and other renewables, the building is powered by energy that does not pollute the environment and actually generates more electricity than it consumes. The flexibility of design using BIPV allows it to be installed anywhere; an aesthetic solution to modern building design.”