Garden with a view

Owners of a property in Feniscowles, Blackburn, recently undertook a garden renovation with the help of north west-based installer Windoways who used CRL Spig-Lite Pro to create the dream outdoor space.

The garden itself extends over two levels, with a seating area on the lower level and a hot tub above. The family wanted to create a windbreak around both levels, in keeping with the modern look and feel of the existing space. The most important aspect, other than aesthetics, was to provide a shield from strong breezes that regularly blow across the adjacent fields and river. Ideally, the solution would also enable rainwater to drain away towards the river, rather than collecting in either area.

Glass was the natural choice for the homeowners, who felt that an excess of metalwork or any other solid shield would inhibit the views.

In a graphite finish, in keeping with the modern look of the project overall, CRL Spig-Lite Pro creates a minimal and sleek impression, the company said. The fully adjustable glass balustrade system has a unique clamping design that removes the need to hold the glass with locking pins. The elongated holes allow for easy adjustment of the glass panels to ensure the top edge of the glass is equal even without a handrail.

The system is designed for use with 12mm toughened monolithic to 21.52mm toughened laminated glass and tested to BSi standard 6180:2011.

The challenge around drainage in the multiple level garden was solved with Spig-Lite Pro, as the system features individual spigots that raise the glass to 32mm above floor level, creating a natural drainage solution that ensures no water can get trapped inside the balcony area.

Installation of the spigots and the glass was complete within just a few hours, with alignment made simple due to the adjustability of the system.