First for safety

Bohle’s new LiftMaster Quadro automatic vacuum lifter has been awarded a GS Mark, the first battery-powered lifting system to meet the safety accreditation’s strict requirements.

The GS Mark is recognised throughout Europe and is designed to minimise a manufacturer’s risk of liability as well as to provide the confidence that products have been produced to the highest quality.

Capable of handling up to 400kg in its standard four-pad unit, the LiftMaster Quadro can also be configured with four extension arms to cater for loads of up to 800kg.

Incorporating a dual-circuit vacuum system, LiftMaster Quadro has been designed to be strong enough to secure its maximum load, even in the unlikely event that vacuum is lost on one circuit.

It can also detect any loss of suction, or low battery levels, alerting users with an audible alarm and via a display that includes a digital temperature reading and remaining battery power.

Bohle’s engineers have also ensured that LiftMaster Quadro is easy to use. All wiring has been concealed inside the housing, a handrail means that it can be operated from any angle, and it can also be swivelled through 90º, rotated through 360º, and locked in any one of 12 positions.

The system is powered by standard Li-ion batteries, similar to those used in high quality cordless drills, which can be replaced or charged up quickly and conveniently when on site.

“All Bohle’s lifting products are subjected to rigorous R&D,” Paul Miller, Bohle’s national sales manager, said. “They have an enviable reputation for safety and our customers trust them to perform.

“We have applied the same attention to detail with the new LiftMaster Quadro, including a ‘tearing test’ where it has to withstand twice its official maximum load capacity.”