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Roseview’s Ultimate Rose has helped Truro Windows give a Cornish property an ‘authentic’ facelift.

A customer’s ageing and draughty timber sash window in a Kenwyn cul-de-sac needed replacing – but the new product had to replicate the original’s arched design down to the finest details and match the feel and character of the surrounding estate.

The owners didn’t want to replace timber with timber – the window in question was on the upper floor of the property, and they’d learned from experience that this made the already arduous task of regularly painting and maintaining a wooden product even more of a pain.

Together, Truro and Roseview collaborated to produce an Ultimate Rose that matched the design of the property’s timber window – including its distinctive arched head.

“Roseview couldn’t have been more helpful when it came to customising the product for this specific job,” Truro installation manager Matt Baxter said. “We were delighted with the results – and much more importantly, so was the customer. They’re already planning for us to install more Rose Collection products at the property later this year.”

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