Worry-free edge grinding

The factory belonging  to Boermans Glas includes several Lisec machines, including a KSR processing machine.

Boermans Glas in Kuringen, Belgium, employs about 90 people in a region where competition in flat glass processing is fierce.

The company, which has been around for more than 100 years and is part of the Saint Gobain Group, produces single glass, double insulating glass and increasingly triple insulating glass.

“When it came to grinding, we had a real bottleneck,” Marcel Nouwen, production manager at Glass Solutions Boermans, said. “And the importance of the issue only grew with the increasing demand for sheets with grinding processes.

“The previous machine was highly unreliable. We had so many stoppages that sensible planning was almost impossible. When we started searching for a replacement, we also looked at the KSR system of a sister company.”

The team in Kuringen considered the pros and cons of conventional systems on the market, but quickly reached a different decision. The satisfaction of their colleagues in the sister branch tipped the scales.

“We wanted a solution that worked smoothly and was absolutely reliable, and now we have it,” marcel said. “When you ask the operator how satisfied he is with the KSR, a smile appears on his face. We wouldn’t trade the system for anything.”