Wiping out call-backs

Emplas has been using the GeoFast system from The Georgian Bar Company for the last 10 years.

Kush Patel, operations director at Emplas, said: “We were having lots of issues with the old astragal bar system that we used at the time and it was causing us a real headache. It was a common occurrence to get call-backs to fix bars that had fallen off and, for Emplas, where we pride ourselves on product quality, it obviously wasn’t good enough.

“Also, because the bars were handmade, it created a significant expenditure to replace them, not just production costs and materials, but also time. The production manager brought the GeoFast system to our attention. Incredibly technically minded, he identified that GeoFast would solve the problems that we’d been having. He saw the product from an engineer’s perspective and recognised that GeoFast had been designed so that natural expansion and retraction wouldn’t affect it and cause the issues we suffered with from the old bars.

“So, we switched to the GeoFast system 10 years ago and haven’t looked back since. We’ve gone from a stream of regular call-backs to none, which is an incredible turn-around. That level of quality gives us complete confidence that our Georgian windows and doors leave the factory right first time.”

Kush continued: “We’ve always had a fantastic working relationship with The Georgian Bar Company. They’re just the right size of business that we like to deal with – big enough to cater for our requirements, while still being small enough to provide those personal touches that are so important.

“They’ve always been on hand to help us with anything that we’ve needed, and they go above and beyond what most companies would do.”