20-year relationship

Michele Muir, managing director of Devon-based Exmoor Fascias, has celebrated 30 years of trading in 2019, underpinned by a 20-year partnership with Freefoam.

“We started installing roofline products at a time when double-glazing was the big focus for consumers, so it was vital to have reliable suppliers that would help us to establish our reputation and name,” Michelle said. “When we became a roofline stockist in 1994, we were the only ones stocking a full range of roofline products in north Devon. Identifying the best relationships for our business and cementing them was crucial in the early years.”

After 20 years, Freefoam’s enthusiasm and drive for excellence remains unchanged.

“Since the 2008 recession, lots of manufacturers have cut corners – reducing quality in order to save money,” Michelle said. “This hasn’t been the case with Freefoam. The quality of their products has been consistently high. Whenever they’ve introduced new products, they’ve lived up to these high standards, so we know we can rely on them.”

Michelle said the growing trend for coloured roofline has been a major change in the market, with anthracite popular on newbuilds, prompting the company to have it installed in its showroom.

“It really helps customers considering non-traditional colours, as they get to see the product,” she said. “We’re also seeing people who are choosing to stay in their homes, and are therefore more willing to invest more money for quality work and products, so it’s reassuring for them to see something in person.

“We’re still unique in being the only stockist in the area who carries a wide selection of coloured products and stocks all sizes. Freefoam’s wide range of coloured products has allowed us to adapt to this market, as we have another USP despite the local market evolving.”

Michelle also said Freefoam’s service has supported Exmoor Fascias to make the most of the market for PVC-UE roofline.

“We have two deliveries a week from Freefoam. They’re very reliable, and always easy to get hold of if ever we come across a problem. The regularity of deliveries means that our customers can usually make a start on a project, even if they have to wait a few days for additional materials they need to come in to complete their project. We can be candid with them and they’re always willing to be flexible.”