Upselling option

Crewe-based Aurora Windows puts Apeer and Lumi doors next to cheaper alternatives.

Co-director Chris Upton said: “We first looked at Apeer because it had a 70mm door that other suppliers couldn’t match but once we had it, we began to see how different it was in the way it handled and we saw that customers were noticing it too. They see the price difference with the cheaper doors but they can also see why they are paying a bit more, and they obviously like that.”

The Lumi system offers further options for differentiation and Aurora is looking at extending the offer to include Lumi2 as well as Apeer’s new smooth-skin Silka door.

Chris said: “We also have good demand for high-end aluminium doors so Silka would fit in very well there, not only as a lower-priced alternative to ali but also a unique finish in its own right.

“It’s very easy for any door retailer to offer the same as everyone else and probably do OK out of it, but we want to be better than that and Apeer, Lumi and Silka are the perfect products for us to do just that.”