Under the influence

Louise Sugars is the latest Instagram influencer to endorse Endurance Doors on her page @myhomegarden36 where she states that “I love interior design and all things home”.

It’s an Instagram page with ideas and interior design influences for the modern home, where she’s benefited from a new Pentland style door in Raven Black with chrome hardware from Endurance Doors.

She’s already enhanced the front of her home with a matching Ring doorbell, along with a contrasting white rose featured wreath, as shown on her post from August 9, 2021, which already has more than 1,480 likes.

“I wanted a door that was secure, looked great, and that would provide years of maintenance-free enjoyment,” Louise said. “I’ve certainly achieved this with my new Endurance Door, and having done some research on the internet it’s clear they are top of their game. It’s made a remarkable feature to the front of our home, and it feels solid too.”

Scott Foster, group head of sales and marketing at Endurance Doors, said: “Louise is the latest Instagram influencer to endorse a solid core Endurance Door and for good reason, as we believe it’s the best in the sector from a design and performance point view. Like all of our doors, this one has been manufactured carefully without the use of a generic door blank in our facility in Brigg, Lincolnshire, with a great deal of expertise and skill.’