Time-lapsed video production

Clayton Glass has produced a time-lapsed video to showcase the self-tinting Smartglass Dynamic in action, showing in just a matter of a few minutes the transformation of each individual glass pane throughout a hot summer’s day, in one of their first conservatory roof installations.

This new video is posted on the Smartglass website at www.smart-glass.co.uk/products/smartglass-dynamic and, at 2:39 minutes long, it shows the change in state of the conservatory roof glass from clear at either ends of the day to a dynamically darkened tint during the middle of the day, where outside temperatures touched 30º in June.

It can also be seen on YouTube at www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEHjNSIPd6M&t=65s.

There are also other videos on the website that showcase this glass technology for conservatory and lantern roofs, along with other residential and commercial glazing applications. This includes a production that shows how the new interactive Smartglass Dynamic sample kits work with just a cup of hot fluid.