Beach body ready

TruFrame launched a tongue-in-cheek advertising campaign inspired by the controversial ‘Are You Beach Body Ready’ advertising that’s been seen outdoor advertising sites across the UK.

This campaign has been designed to encourage small to medium sized fabricators to partner with them, so they can focus on sales and avoid the pressure of juggling business issues.

A set of two postcards have been sent out to manufacturing companies, highlighting the benefits of switching off their machinery and partnering up with TruFrame.

There is also a dedicated website at and there will be intensive social media to support the campaign, which suggests that some business owners could be focussing on generating sales (or even working on their tan), rather than on the last machinery breakdown and other difficult business issues.

David Firmager, managing director of TruFrame, said: “The new campaign is … designed to highlight the opportunities for companies to stop fabricating. For many, it makes commercial sense and the prospect not necessarily to get beach body ready, but to find time for other more proactive and rewarding activities.”