The key to our hearts?

By Ashley Gaunt, technical director at Made For Trade.

We all love a little something that makes a job that little bit easier, right? Often this might be something as simple as having the right screwdriver in your toolbox, or a nifty pair of work trousers with pockets in all the right places, but have you ever thought there might be more to it than just the tools.

Maybe we should all be thinking more about the advantages offered by making the right product choice for the job in the first place?

Made for Trade, the company behind the design and manufacture of the Korniche Lantern roof system, believe this is a really important feature that is often forgotten during the selection or even the recommendation of a product to be used on a project.

Many homeowners could be forgiven for just assuming that all these windows and doors are all just the same sort of things with different names on them, but our products are far from just another ‘insert product type here’, and every Korniche branded system product must carry a USP that sets it apart from the crowd.

On the Korniche Lantern, the attention to detail on the design and manufacturing front translated into a product that even someone with no experience could confidently fit.

Now, we are bringing a big USP into the bifolding door arena. Something which opens up an opportunity to use a Korniche product on a much larger range of projects.

Anyone that has spent any time on-site fitting an aluminium bifold door will be all too familiar with the struggles associated with fitting, cutting and installing wedge gasket. It is probably one of the most time-consuming parts of the install, and once it’s in, the longevity of the install can depend heavily on the experience of the installer. We’ve all seen shrunken gaskets.

For installers, the big innovation on the Korniche bifold door is our patented pre-gasketed clip bead. We have paired an aluminium bead profile with a rolled in polyamide clip. Aluminium and polyamide behave in a very similar way under temperature changes, and this is an important factor when designing a composite bead.

We have also designed a custom bead gasket that is factory fitted to the bead before its delivered. Due to the way it is manufactured with a polymer backing, it cannot shrink. The new system is simple, fool-proof and truly upholds our ‘glazed in seconds’ promise.

All MFT bifolding door quotes include delivery and, unless you ask specifically for kit form, all doors will arrive fully assembled. Once everything is on site it should be a simple case of screwing in the frame, offering up and packing the glass units, and then clipping in the bead. Job done.