Tech show off

Promac Group’s presence will be among the largest at this year’s Fensterbau (March 21-24), the company announced, thanks to four supply partners exhibiting at the show.

This includes developments in PVCU welding technologies from Graf and Urban.

The latest incarnations of the SL4-FF seamless welder from Graf Synergy, including the SL4FF EVO and the SL4-H FF, which introduces a new capability to insert welded transom and mullions into a seamlessly welded frame or sash, provide a major pull, Promac said.

The same technology has also been applied by the FOM-GS Group to sill manufacture. The SLS Seamless Sill Welder reduces total cycle time to less than two minutes per weld, and will form a key part of the Graf showcase including on-stand demonstrations.

Urban will also be demonstrating its own seamless welder, the new AKS 9600, and it will be previewing its new single-head CNC controlled automatic corner cleaner, the SV840, and its range of AKFU Timberweld millers.

“We’ve been talking about the influence premium finishes and foils have been having on the PVCU window industry for a little while,” Promac’s Lee Marriott said. “The Graf SL4FF seamless welder has been incredibly influential. The Graf SLS taps into that same technology to deliver a seamless sill weld, while also cutting total production time by 90%, eliminating knifing, sanding and penning.

“Urban is now also moving into this area and will unveil a new seamless welder alongside its Timberweld millers, so there’s a huge amount for PVCU fabricators to look at.”

FOM has chosen Fensterbau to unveil its new LMX 65 aluminium machining and cutting line. An evolution of its LMT 65 aluminium entry level offer, the LMX 65 introduces the ability to mill both ends of the bar, making it ideal for higher volume commercial work including curtain walling.

FOM will also showcase the Axel 5 five-axis machining centre and the revamped Blitz Double Mitre Saw. The Axel 5 handles profile of up to 18m, also making it ideal for curtain walling and manufacture of larger scale commercial applications

The glass processing and IGU sector is also represented by Forel, which will profile its new EM Vertical Edger, PBA Profile Bender and DFN Dessicant Filler.

The EM Automatic Veritcal Edging is optimised for processing float and laminated glass, delivering high levels of flexibility. This includes edge arrissing, graded edge grinding, and edge polishing, with the ability to square glass to final dimension. It can also be used across IGU, tempering and grinding lines.

The Automatic Spacer Bar Bender applies the same focus on quality and efficiency to the manufacture of spacer bar frames, including new warm-edge technologies. It features new software that automatically recognises and calibrates hardware to multiple profile types, while smart arm clamping technology guarantees the perfect bend.