Smart solution

Morley Glass & Glazing has developed SmartMotion, an interface that helps installers incorporate its motorised integral blinds into home automation systems.

Ian Short, managing director of Morley Glass & Glazing said: “The global home automation market was valued at $4.41 billion in 2014 and is set to grow by 26.3% by 2020. Home automation systems integrate various domestic applications such as lighting, heating, safety and security, energy management, entertainment systems – and motorised integral blinds – and are growing in popularity in the UK, as the concept of smart homes takes off.

“An increasing number of our customers are being asked to incorporate our motorised Uni-blinds integral blinds into electric-powered home automation systems – and in the past it has been a daunting and a complex task that could cause damage to the wiring of the blinds or the home automation system.  

“This inspired us to commission the development of a unique interface called the SmartMotion which makes the process so simple it’s child’s play. In one easy step the operation of the blinds is smoothly integrated into the whole home automation system so that they can be controlled at the touch of a button, even when you’re not at home.”

The SmartMotion is exclusive to Morley Glass & Glazing and is compatible with the MB System of Uni-Blinds, which operate using an electric brushless motor. It is supplied pre-wired and fully tested.