Smart choice

Avantis International is launching Kubu at the FIT Show.

“The Kubu Smart Lock is a clever product that combines the mechanical lock with an electronic sensor, which will help bring the glazing industry into the smart home revolution,” Mark Bromley, managing director of Avantis, said.

In the glazing industry, Avantis is known for its hardware, but outside it also manufactures electronic indicators and sensors.

At one of the seminars, mark will explain how mechatronics combines electronics and mechanical engineering, which is going to play a big part in the smart home revolution.

Avantis said Kubu is the first smart lock that can be fitted in volume and as standard with every door and window that fabricators and installers sell. The lock is fitted to doors and then connected to the Kubu app, where homeowners can check on the lock status of their door.

“Homeowners will no longer have the ‘did I lock the door?’ panic while out and about, as they can simply log into the app and see for themselves,” Mark said. “They can also receive real-time notifications, set schedules, and check back through door locking history.

“The most beneficial part of the Kubu app is the WiFi perimeter feature. When homeowners leave their property and their phone automatically disconnects from the home WiFi to 4G, Kubu will send them a notification to tell them if they have left their door unlocked. So, you’ll never get far away from your home with your door unlocked again.”