New equipment finance package

The Cairngorm Group has invested in a new sawing and machining centre with help from finance provider Ignition.

Operating since 1953, The Cairngorm Group regularly updates its equipment. With business increasing year on year, it was becoming apparent that the company’s existing sawing and machining centre was creating a bottle-neck. It had served the company well for 15 years but had a finite capacity and was preventing further growth.

A new Stuga ZX5 sawing and machining centre was identified as a necessary piece of equipment to handle the increase in demand and future-proof the business. The CNC machine can handle a series of cutting jobs swiftly, efficiently and accurately.

Group finance director Paul Wilson contacted Ignition, provider of vehicle and asset finance based in Truro, to put together a finance package for the new equipment.

“Ignition helped us purchase equipment in the past, so we knew they would provide a competitive package,” Paul said. “The deal was sorted out within just three days of my initial enquiry. The Stuga ZX5 has now been installed. Our operators are undergoing training, and our output is already increasing.”