Slimmed down ridge

Ultraframe’s new Slimline Ridge is now available on its Classic conservatory roof system.

The new ridge is thermally broken and available in either PVCU or aluminium externally. It is available on fixed 25° Georgians and double-ended 25° Georgians.

Ultraframe’s marketing director Alex Hewitt said: “We’re proud to announce a number of product innovations that are available on Classic now, including the new Slimline Ridge. The ridge has a stunning minimalist, modern look and instead of the usual round Classic radius end, it features a neat lantern-style ridge end. The external aluminium option will make Classic the ideal conservatory roof choice to suite with the aluminium doors that now feature on so many contemporary conservatory designs and we’re sure that the 30% reduction on Classic Aluminium pricing will make it even more popular.”

Other improvements now available on the Classic Roof now include a Bi-Fold Support Beam, Super Bolster, Chambered Box Gutter and Enhanced Structural Design Guide.