Single sourcing

Associated Windows has just been awarded Solidor’s showroom of the month for its display of eight Solidor and four Residor composite doors, at its recently refurbished showroom in north Bristol.

Rob McDonald, director at Associated Windows, said: “First and foremost Solidor Group is a world-class business and let’s not forget the importance and influence of the Residor brand. Our new showroom is really paying dividends as is the power behind the respective brands, which customers ask for by name. On time and in full deliveries with exceptional quality every time are also a major plus for us and that’s why we only sell these two composite door brands.”

Gareth Buson, head of sales and marketing for Solidor Group, said: “This is a perfect example of customers looking to offer our different price point brands of Residor and Solidor all under one roof. They are both made with the same level of individual care and attention and backed by world class otifs, yet are aimed at a slightly different type of consumer. We are seeing a real increase in demand from customers looking to single source composite doors from us as a group given the product quality, outstanding marketing and operational benefits.”