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Elumatec is offering its customers maintenance contracts.

For an annual charge, the firm’s field service engineers visit customer premises up to three times a year, fully inspecting and servicing any Elumatec products to ensure they’re running as efficiently as possible.

Sales director Neil Parton said: “Fabricators will regularly spend £tens-of-thousands on new machinery, but it’s much less common for them to invest in maintenance once a product has been purchased. Modern machines are built to last. They’re often in use all day, every day, sometimes for weeks on end. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need regular, pre-planned maintenance.

“Over time, machines need inspecting and re-calibrating, otherwise, they can slow down and become less efficient. And that’s where Elumatec service contracts come in. A contract may only cost just a few hundred pounds a year per machine – and if you’ve got multiple products that need servicing, you get a discount.”

The company’s UK service department employs seven mobile field service engineers who travel the country five days a week.

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