Certification extended

Washington and Riley has added Bluesky’s Fire Door Maintenance Scheme to its scope of certification.

Anthony Hammond of Washington and Riley, said: “One new customer read about Washington and Riley’s maintenance certification in the local newspaper and within weeks had placed a large order. The entire certification process took less than four weeks and we’d paid for it with our first contract.”

Anthony believes that everyone installing or maintaining a fire door should have certification because it assures the customer that with proper, regular planned maintenance, the door’s fire resistant properties can be preserved as close as practically possible to the original level of performance for the installed fire door product.

“Our first audit revealed a few non-compliances but Bluesky talked us through each of these,” Anthony said. “When they came back the following week we’d implemented changes and they were then able to award certification to us.”

To ensure they continue meet the standards of the Bluesky Fire Door Maintenance Scheme, the Washington and Riley maintenance team will undergo onsite inspections every six months.