Security add-on

Brisant Secure has launched Ultion Padlock, which contains Ultion, Brisant’s high security cylinder door lock.

Ultion Padlock’s strong shackle is made from Molybdenum, the same material used in Ultion’s Lock Down Mode which keeps homes secure even when put through the most aggressive attacks.

Brisant CEO Nick Dutton said: “Homeowners want to keep their homes secure, but they also have sheds, garages, or even bike storage that holds expensive equipment outside their homes too. Why shouldn’t they be able to lock them with Ultion security?”

Homeowners with Ultion in their front door can have their padlock keyed alike so one key opens both locks.

“Homeowners won’t be searching the house for the padlock key they’ve lost because it’s the same key they use in their front door every day,” Nick said.