Robust, secure and frameless

The TL60 profile range from OnLevel provides a robust, secure frameless glass balustrade, ideal for glass thicknesses between 12mm and 21.52mm that require increased stability and longer runs of balustrading. It is also quick and easy to install.

The TL-4010 top mount profile is a slender, attractive design that maximises the ‘all glass’ look to provide unobscured views. It can be used in a glass balustrade or windscreen application, and to a height of 2,600mm (depending on the application) making it ideal as a windscreen on terraces and decked areas.

The TL-4010 top mount profile also has a certified line load of 1.5kN at approximately 1.3m finished floor level as a balustrade, and has anchors every 200mm, pre-welded corners and end caps, and is suitable for a broad glass thickness range between 12mm and 21.52mm.

Glass is fitted into the TL-4010 profile using Flex-Fit, which is OnLevel’s system for adjusting glass plates. With this system it is possible to adjust each individual glass plate up to 40mm towards the perpendicular line.

OnLeven said that with just a simple sliding movement the installer is able to precisely position glass and reduce the assembly time by some 30%. Furthermore, Flex-Fit can be fully operated from the balcony side.