Revealing all

Aluk unveiled four new products at the FIT Show.

Three of the new launches are in Aluk’s premium Luminia range. The Luminia F82 bifold has sightlines of 97mm at the frame, cill and jamb and 122mm at the interlock, and a higher glass to frame ratio than other doors on the market, the company claimed. It also achieves U-values of 1.34W/m²K with a double glazed unit.

Aluk also launched its SC156 sliding door in the same Luminia range, which has sightlines of 50mm, and is available in a range of single and double track sliding configurations with a 23mm low threshold. It has U-values of 1.0W/m²K in the triple glazed option, and water tightness rated at 1500Pa.

The third launch from Aluk in the Luminia range was the Veranda. It creates an outdoor living space which bridges the gap between house and garden, is available in four different design options, and can span up to 6m.

Aluk also used the FIT Show to launch its new product tier aimed at the luxury retail sector, which is branded Infinium.

The first product within Infinium is a sliding door, which at the show was showcased at 3,500mm (h) x 3,000mm (w). This door has sightlines of just 21mm at the central interlock, allowing for wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling views.

The Infinium door will be available in double or triple track configurations for panel weights of up to 400kg, and with the option of double or triple glazing from 38mm to 52mm using the same outerframe.